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Interactive medical advisor - Alodokter.com

Tanggal Publikasi : Perusahaan: Alodokter.com
Jumlah Dilihat : 294 time(s) Lokasi : Jakarta Selatan

JOB Deskripsi

Alodokter is looking for doctors to participate in our community part. 


The selected candidate will answer to the questions of our members in a daily basis. Our objective is not to make online consultation but to provide the right information to our members so they can take the best decision for their health.

Skills required

  • The candidate should be a graduate doctor
  • Good Indonesian writing skills
  • Ability to explain complex scientific terms in easily understandable language
  • Ability to understand English medical sources
  • Show professionalism and genuine care in answering questions

Job requirement and package

  • Freelance. Minimum of 4 time slots of 2 hours per week to be dedicated to this job.
  • The job can be performed in any location - Possibility to come work in our centrally located office if needed
  • Payment will be done weekly depending on the number of questions replied per week.
  • Attractive remuneration


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